LOUISA Johnson has revealed she was left cringing with embarrassment when her dress split live on stage exposing her bum.
During a performance at Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, the singer‘s black skirt tore at the back and left her in full view of the audience.

She struggled to preserve her modesty and ran off stage to fix the problem.

The X Factor champion hasn’t got over the awkward moment two years on, as she relived the humiliating moment in a chat with The Sun Online.

Speaking at Capital’s Summertime Ball, Louisa explained: “The back of my dress just completely split in half.

“My bum was just out for everybody to see. It was very embarrassing.”

Louisa still cringes over the awkward skirt rip

Louisa wasn’t the only one to open up about her most cringe-worthy moment while on the red carpet at Saturday’s concert at Wembley Stadium.

American rapper G-Eazy had a similar experience when his jeans ripped down the middle after slipping on stage.

Marvin Humes, who opened the Summertime Ball with a DJ set, told how it was at that very venue that he suffered a humiliating moment in front of fans.


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